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Server Initialization Variables Server Initialization Variables

Variable Name Description Value
COMPANY [Company] [Servers][Database][Paths] [Top]
G_CO_Name_Long Company Name - Long
G_CO_Name_Short Company Name - Short
SERVERS [Company] [Servers][Database][Paths] [Top]
G_Web_URL Web Server URL
G_Web_IP Web Server IP
G_Web_URL_Sec Web Server URL (secure)
G_Web_IP_Sec Web Server IP (secure)
G_FTP_URL_Anon Anonymous FTP Root (URL)
G_FTP_IP_Anon Anonymous FTP Root (IP)
G_FTP_URL_Sec Secured FTP Root (URL)
G_FTP_IP_Sec Secured FTP Root (IP)
G_FTP_UID_Sec UserID for secure root
G_FTP_PWD_Sec Pwd for secure root
G_Mail_IP Mail Server IP Address
G_Mail_URL Mail Server URL
G_Mail_Domain Mail Domain Name
DATABASE ACCESS [Company] [Servers][Database][Paths] [Top]
G_SiteDB_Conn Site Database Connection String
G_SiteDB_UID Site Database UserID
G_SiteDB_PWD Site Database Password
G_SiteDB_Server Site Database Server Name
G_MailDB_Conn Mail Database Connection String
G_MAILDB_UID Mail Database UserID
G_MAILDB_PWD Mail Database Password
G_MailDB_Server Mail Database Server Name
G_DBSessionDB_Conn DBSession Database Connection String
G_DBSessionDB_UID DBSession Database UserID
G_DBSessionDB_PWD DBSession Database Password
G_DBSessionDB_Server DB Session Database Server Name
G_ContentDB_Conn Galileo31 Content Database Connection String
G_ContentDB_UID Galileo31 Content Database UserID
G_ContentDB_PWD Galileo31 Content Database Password
G_ContentDB_Server DB Session Database Server Name
G_ChatDB_Conn Chat Database Connection String
G_ChatDB_UID Chat Database UserID
G_ChatDB_PWD Chat Database Password
G_ChatDB_Server DB Session Database Server Name
G_QueueDB_Conn Queue Database Connection String
G_QueueDB_UID Queue Database UserID
G_QueueDB_PWD Queue Database Password
G_QueueDB_Server DB Session Database Server Name
G_MailListDB_Conn MailList Database Connection String
G_MailListDB_UID MailList Database UserID
G_MailListDB_PWD MailList Database Password
G_MailListDB_Server DB Session Database Server Name
G_MSPCDB_Conn MSPC Database Connection String
G_MSPCDB_PWD MSPC Database Password
G_MSPCDB_Server DB Session Database Server Name
G_SitePath Directory path to Sites virtual directory
G_MailUserPath Directory path to imail user directory
G_HeadlinesPath Directory path to snippet headlines directory
G_ICDSNewsPath Directory path to ICDS news content directory
G_ICDSWeathPath Directory path to ICDS weather content directory
G_ScreamPath Directory path to Screaming Media content directory
G_LogReportsPath Directory Path to Webtrends Log Reports
G_VirtualPath Directory Path to Virtual Directories.
[Company] [Servers][Database][Paths] [Top]

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