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How to Develop a Career with Direction and Meaning
Our Commitment

Create a satisfying environment for our employees in which they can learn & grow and be fairly treated and fairly compensated for their efforts

[Current Openings]

Career Opportunites @ Galileo Communications, Inc.

Would you like to work for an organization like this?

Satisfying Environment

  • Relaxed, casual-dress work environment
  • Active & convenient Lakeview location
  • Stimulating Projects

Learn and Grow

  • Great clients, both new economy and old
  • Big Projects with real business implications
  • Genuine technology problem solving
  • Application development and project management

Fairly Treated

  • Reasonable hours, schedule flexibility
  • Progressive increase in responsibility
  • Team Delivery Date Acceptance

Fairly Compensated

  • Competitive compensation
  • Profit sharing/Bonuses
  • Benefits

Send us your resume now we may have a rewarding career waiting for you!

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Current Job Openings:

Lead Application  Developers -
Seeking team members with background in MS Active Server Pages, MS Visual Interdev, MS Visual Basic, COM, MS SQL Server.
- Must have resume and references.
Compensation: $30,000 - $55,000 Depending on abilities and responsibilities.

Lead Web Designers -
Seeking team members with excellent graphics expertise and a solid understanding of HTML. Should be proficient in Adobe and/ or Macromedia products (PC preferred but Mac ok too)to develop web sites and marketing materials. May be able to work from home at times if necessary.
- Must have resume, references, and portfolio and/ or links to sites worked on.
Compensation: $30,000 - $40,000 Depending on abilities and responsibilities.




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