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Quality Driven Project Management in Chicago
How We Approach Projects

At Galileo, our project approach is simple but effective.  We believe planning is key to execution. Determining your requirements and ensuring they align with your business objectives is half the battle.   Establishing clear standards and procedures, and  breaking projects into manageable chunks is a core part of our project methodology. Without a methodology, projects lack focus and can become unmanageable.

For systems development see our Project Methodology. For internet based application promotions see our e-Promotion Methodology.

Why Galileo Is the Right Choice:
Project Methodology

e-Promotion Methodology
Every credible IT professional should be familiar with a methodology. What sets Galileo apart is that we actually adhere to ours.

We possess real world experience across a wide range of both tried-and-true and cutting-edge technology platforms. You won’t find Galileo "learning on your dime."

The Right Tools  

We won't re-invent the wheel. We have developed pre-built reusable modules to get you up and running quickly.   Although we excel at custom development and design, we will also attempt to minimize costs and assure reliability by using proven third-party packages   wherever and whenever possible.

Strategic Partners

Many firms will claim to be a complete "soup-to-nuts" provider for all of your consulting needs, we believe that no one firm can truly be that comprehensive.
Where we don’t have direct expertise we will minimize your concerns over cost, control and compatibility by using pre-screened, pre-qualified partners.


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