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Galileo - Return on Investment is Our Commitment
Committed to ROI

We are committed to delivering a superior return on your technology dollars invested.  We’ll only accept projects which can demonstrate a clear return on your investment.

Below is a sampling of our projects and their ROI.

Business Project Estimated Break Even Projected 3 Year ROI
Next 50.com
A leading web portal for seniors.

Streamlined overall software and hardware architecture of leading web portal site. Enhanced scalability to accommodate rapid new customer acquisition. Balanced demand and increased redundancy to reduce downtime by 75%.

5.0 months 723%
RR Donnelly & Sons Co.
Leading printing services company with $5.8 billion in annual sales.

Created a centralized web-based inventory system for  facility hardware & software along with a networked employee and  office space management system to support 120 facilities nationwide. Reduced startup time for new or transferred employees and hired consultants by an average of two days. Provided integration with real-time audit of IT assets. Enabled improved organization-wide rollouts of hardware and software updates and license management.

4.6 months 778%
Manpower International
A temp agency with over 2.4 million workers and 850 million hours supplied.

Designed efficient time and expense system for use by the agency’s temporary employees. Hours logged which were previously tracked by fax could now be implemented via automated telephone prompts with eventual migration to a web-based interface. Data was integrated automatically into newly developed Customer Management System saving nearly 5 minutes of staff time per 1/3 of employees per week

6.5 months 550%

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